Many entrepreneurs could make a greater impact if they could effectively teach people what they know. But it's easy to get lost in knowing too much. And putting learners first is critical. I want to help heart-centered entrepreneurs develop engaging learning experiences. Your advice can help me understand the greatest needs, when it comes to connecting education and entrepreneurship. Thank you for taking this short survey!
In what way does your business seek to make society better?

Briefly describe your audience.

What is your primary goal in developing learning experiences?

If you need help developing learning experiences, which process sounds more appealing to you?

What are your greatest barriers to developing engaging learning experiences? Check all that apply.

What type of learning experience might benefit your audience most? Please check all that apply.

Is instructional design a service you'd be willing to pay for?

How much would you be willing and able to pay for Education Ally services? (As described on my Work with Me page.)

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