Hi, you. I'm glad you're here! You've heard I'm looking for some fab ladies to take a quick survey and help me plan my *very first* online course, "When You Don't Know What to Say, Here's What to Make." Eeee!
Thanks for taking part in building the right tool to help women cultivate their voice. You are so appreciated!
On a scale from 1 to 5, how craftsy do you consider yourself to be?

1 = Are you kidding? There's not a craftsy bone in my body.
5 = Break out the finger paint. I love crafts!

Which of the following crafty tools are in your current bag of tricks?

Think back to a time when a friend or family member went through a tough time. Did you ever have the nagging sense you'd like to do more, but you held back because you didn't have the right words?

Several craft projects on my blog came about during times when someone I loved was suffering. Normally a chatty person, I found that words abandoned me when I needed them most. As it turned out, my hands became the my only reliable voice of comfort.

My proposed course is, "When You Don't Know What to Say, Here's What to Make." It would feature craft projects to comfort people facing tough situations. Which of the following might you find valuable?

In the past year, has a friend or family member gone through one of the following tough situations?

Which of the following statements best describes your initial thoughts about such a course?

How much time would you be willing/able to spend making any given project?

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